Operators are aiming to becoming the center of their customers subscription universe

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There is no news that there has been a price war in the telecom and broadband industry for the past few years. This price war has led to thin margins and made it harder for telecom and broadband operators to stay relevant with customers. Over a decade ago, they found part of the solution to defend their profitability and relevance through adding new products such as additional data packages, extra SMS & phone call minutes to a fixed rate. Over recent years these value added products are not enough to peak the interest for the customers. Hence, the telecom and broadband operators have needed to broaden their product portfolio to streaming services as well.

However, just launching one or two of the most popular streaming services is no longer enough since that has become the standard. Leaders like Verizon and Telia have taken a more central role in the customer’s subscription universe by helping their subscribers discover, select and manage hundreds of great product offers, placing them at the heart of their customer subscription revolution.

Take Verizon’s launch of +play as an example, which lets users search, subscribe, and pay for a variety of streaming offerings in one place, all connected to their existing cell phone or home internet bill. They offer everything from NFL+, Veeps, HBO Max, Disney+, AMC+, Peloton and much more. They have become the center for their customers to manage their growing number of subscription services. In other words, Verizon is the intermediate between streaming services and consumers, helping those streaming services grow and expand, while taking a small cut in the process – a win-win relationship.

However, leaping from one or two streaming services to multiple ones is very resource demanding, both from a technical and time management perspective. One integration with Bundlers API based platform is enough to launch as many partners you want. Our partners report that Bundlers platform has helped them 10X their time to launch, 10X faster scale and 10X cost efficiency.

Don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to learn more about how you can acquire, engage and retain more customers with your product offers.

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